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Welcome to the Bloodsword, the Bloodsword is a Vereleuse-Class DreadNought it was Commissioned in 2373, The Commander of the Bloodsword is ADM Delon Vor tr'Khellian who took Command in 2375.

The DreadNoughts are the newest Ships in the Romulan Navy, the Ships Spects are:

72 Decks
Crew/Passengers up to 11,000
2 warp cells
1 Impulse System
Long-range Sensors 18 light years
Lateral Sensors 2 light lights
Cloaking device
Type L disrupters 10 6 fwd aft
Pusle Disrupter Cannons 6 4 fwd 2 aft
Class XIV Plasma Torpedoes 3 2 fwd 1 aft spread 10
G-II Singularty Torpoedoes 3 2 fwd 1 aft spread 10
R-IX Phased deflector Shileds

Upgraeds to the Ship:

Energy Absorbing Hulls
MK-6 Cloak
P-2 improvied Pulse Disrupter Cannons are now more accuret
Phase Torpedoes

Chapters of Imperial Prefecture 7 (The Omega Fleet)
RSE Bloodsword (Navy) Open to all RSE Members, Open to all Branches, Open to Local, E-mail,and Snail Mail Members. Located in Canton, OH

RSE Black Phoneix (Navy)Open to all RSE Members, Open to All Branches, Open to Local and Snail Mail Members, Located in Cincinnati, OH.

RSE Starfire Open to all RSE Members, All Branches,open to Local Members ONLY, Located in Terre Haute, IN.

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The Bloodsword Logo also contains the logo of the Omega Fleet on the Shield, The Bloodsword belongs to the Imperial prefecture 7 (The Omega Fleet)